The prices listed under each variety is per bar.  We often show
multiple bars of each variety to highlight the slight variations associated with the handmade, artisan nature of our products.

We're so sorry that happened to you, but there is an explanation, and here
it is:

When multiple people are shopping, and they all have the last of a particular product in their cart, one of them will complete checkout before the others, and that person will get the item.  That product will now be considered "sold out", and the other customers will have the item removed from their carts as there are no more available.

YES!!!  For more information, go to our "Terms of Service" page.

It is your responsibility, as the buyer, to make sure your address is correct and if a mistake has been made, to notify us ASAP via the Contact Us page so we can change it on the shipping label, if possible.  If it has already shipped and is returned to us, we can invoice you for shipping and resend it once your address has been corrected.

Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page and we will do our best to make things right ASAP!

We recommend you use our products within 6 months for the best results, as the color and fragrances may begin to fade after that amount of time. However, our soaps will still get you clean after the fragrance and colors are
long gone!

Discounted items are
sold "as-is" and are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Most often, our sale items that are at a 50 % discount or higher are slightly damaged (or with shop worn packaging) and not appropriate for gift giving.

BATCH VARIATIONS: Keep in mind that our products are made by hand with natural ingredients.  Our recipes remain the same, but plant material is ever-changing.

Slight differences can be found from batch to batch including color and texture as everything is handmade with love.