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Hello there, I'm Nina, and I'm driven by a passion to foster a community of informed individuals making mindful choices for healthier living. Based in New York, I've been in the medical field since 2009. The pandemic's impact prompted me to unleash my creative side, inspiring the birth of a community that brings me immense joy. Amidst global chaos, I chose self-focus. I've learned that calming the mind amid life's demands requires intentional steps – soft music, soothing aromatherapy, a warm bath, and moments of art and reading. For me, holistic skincare encapsulates self-communication, tranquility, and inspiration.

My newfound happiness is my joy to share with you. I hope you find something special here for yourself or your loved ones. Every product I craft is meticulously detailed in terms of ingredients, ensuring transparency and informed choices. All my skincare creations are crafted in small batches, reflecting my commitment to quality and a holistic approach. My aim is to create handcrafted, luxurious products that you can gift with pride, display, and apply on your skin. I'm dedicated to offering premium, affordable skincare that's ingredient-focused and quality-driven.

My primary focus is to share valuable information with my audience, empowering you to make educated skincare decisions. I'm dedicated to sharing my research, knowledge, and experiences through various avenues. Explore my Blog Post page for an array of insights. I offer a FREE skincare digital report customized for your skin's needs. For a more personalized touch, opt for a holistic skincare consultation through a Zoom call.

Ultimately, my goal is to serve you. I can recommend a range of holistic skincare products or guide you in the world of DIY skincare. If you're considering venturing into the handcrafted business world, I'm here to provide all the necessary information to kickstart your journey – legal requirements, tutorials, supplier recommendations, and more.

In essence, I aspire to create a community of mindful individuals who make informed choices for healthier living, embrace sustainable products, and collectively support our precious planet.

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