Why You Need to Start Using Pillow & Room Sprays in 2023

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Pillow sprays and room sprays – what are they and how do you use them? I’m sure many of you have asked yourselves that very question. Perhaps you’ve even thought that they’re some pointless aromatic that doesn’t have any significance toward your well-being.
I can’t blame you for that. The reason why you probably feel that way is that you haven’t been told about all of the amazing benefits of these amazing products. Before I tell you why they’re beneficial to you – or how they benefit you – let’s look at the basics.
Your olfactory system (essentially, your sense of smell) is responsible for sending signals to your limbic system. For those of you who aren’t aware of what that is, it’s the part of your brain that is responsible for emotional regulation and memory.
Emotional regulation is the key phrase here, but let’s find out what pillow sprays are before getting into the finer details of their benefits.
What are Pillow & Room Sprays?
Pillow sprays are a form of aromatherapy and they are best used on pillows and linens. Room sprays are similar to pillow sprays, but you can mist your entire room with the fresh scents that are imbued in the sprays. They are almost always essential oil based, meaning you’ll get more of the wonderful benefits of each essential oil in the spray that you choose.
People have been using aromatherapy for centuries and there’s no wonder why. These aromas have the power to hack your brain, canceling out stress and uplifting your mood in no time at all. Not only that, but they bring balance to any space. If you’re always stressed out in rush-hour traffic, why not try my Lemon Bergamot Energizing Room Spray for Office, Car, Yoga & Meditation?
And, you guessed it, it’s also great for alleviating stressful feelings in your workspace as well as providing you with a bit of zen during yoga and meditation.
You probably want to know a bit more about why you should use pillow and room sprays. So, let’s get into the finer details of the benefits now.
The Benefits of Using Sprays
As mentioned, pillow and room sprays are great for stress relief. Due to the fact that your limbic system is responsible for emotional regulation, the powerful aromas that are blended into pillow and room sprays have the ability to trigger a deep and stable emotional state. If you’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety lately, I highly recommend using both my Lemon Bergamot Energizing Room Spray for Office, Car, Yoga & Meditation with my Pillow, Bed, Sleep & Relaxing Room Spray (Lavender & Vanilla). Simply spray the pillow mist over your linens at night and then optimize the relaxation benefits by using the Lemon Bergamot spray in your car, office, or workout space.
Ultimately, the pillow spray will help you to relax at the end of the day. It will serve as the perfect wind-down assistant. In the long run, you’ll find that you’ll be able to sleep better, sleeping more deeply and with fewer disturbances throughout the night.
The Lemon Bergamot spray, on the other hand, will leave you feeling energized. It has the power to awaken your senses, leaving you feeling invigorated to tackle the rest of your day. It’s perfect for use during the day but is especially powerful as a meditative agent during mindfulness and yoga practices.
Why Essential Oils in Sprays are Beneficial
While essential oils have many amazing benefits for your skin, they also act as strong mood enhancers. This is why it’s important to use a pillow or room spray that contains organic elements, such as essential oils. The scents last longer and linger around you, upping the positive effects of using them.
Lavender and vanilla work to relax your senses and bring you to a state of serenity. That is exactly why I’ve chosen to use lavender and vanilla essential oils in my pillow spray. It’s the perfect end to a long and tiring day! If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, have a look at my latest articles, The Benefits of Rose & Rose Geranium Essential Oils for Body, Skin, and Mind, and Why Choose Herbal Infused Skincare?
But I want to talk about the Lemon Bergamot spray a bit more now because we could all do with a bit more positive energy during our hectic days.
Lemon Bergamot Energizing Room Spray for Office, Car, Yoga & Meditation
This is the best spray to use if you want to have a calmer, yet energized state of mind throughout your day. It’s so balanced that it soothes you and awakens you at the same time. It provides a simply amazing feeling throughout the day. Why? Well, let me walk you through the ingredients.
1.    Witch hazel – This wonder plant has many healing properties, particularly for your skin. This means that using this spray will never cause rashes or inflammation because witch hazel naturally works to combat those issues.
2.    Distilled aqua –Using distilled water is one of the most important parts of my spray creation process. Distilled water is free from impurities and chemicals, ensuring that you are not exposed to any harmful, inorganic materials.
3.    Pure lemongrass – As a strong pain reliever and antioxidant, the scents of lemongrass can help your mind cope with muscular pain and inflammation.
4.   Bergamot – This citrus plant has been known to relieve depression and calm one’s nerves.
5.    Basil – This herbal scentcan uplift, fortify, and calm the mind all in one fell swoop.This is essential for anyone in high-tension roles. It will increase your level of alertness and calm an anxious stomach in nothing flat.
6.   Peppermint – Headaches, be gone! Peppermint notes are great for relieving headaches and muscular pain.
7.    Sweet orange – If you’re looking for an immunebooster, look no further. These citrusy notes can help you fight infection and feel more invigorated for the day ahead.
Why Alcohol-Free Sprays are the Best
Using pillow sprays that contain alcohol is a big no-no in my opinion. Alcohol is an irritant and has a drying as well as damaging effect. So, not only are you going to be damaging your linens, car, and office by using alcohol-based sprays, but you’re also going to be damaging your skin. Don’t unnecessarily expose yourself to alcohol-based products. Use my alcohol-free sprays instead. Your skin and your senses will thank you for it because alcohol-free sprays are also less overpowering in nature and won’t leave you with a headache after smelling them the whole day.
How & When to Use Sprays
The best time to use the pillow spray is right before bed. Make a routine out of your bedtime hour by indulging in a warm bath, using one of my many bath soaks. Be sure to spray the mist from an elevated height over your bed and pillows before you hop in the bath. That way, they’ll be aerated before you hop into bed. For the daytime alternative, you can mist your car in the morning before work, ensuring that you’ll still reap the benefits of the citrusy notes all day long. You’ll be amazed at the staying power of these sprays as you’ll still be able to smell the notes when you hop back into your car at the end of the day.

the notes when you hop back into your car at the end of the day.

For optimal effects, spray the Lemon Bergamot spray around your desk and also in your workout area. Just make sure that nobody has an issue with the scent if you share an office or workout space with anyone.

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  • Mayra

    The soothing scents can help you unwind, reduce stress, and improve your mood. it’s a great time to incorporate these sprays into your daily routine to promote better sleep and a more relaxing atmosphere.

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    Glad to see the benefits of pillow & room sprays through the ingredients. I am going to try it. Thanks!

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    I didn’t even think about misting my car. That’s a fantastic idea! I’m trying it this week. My suv is about to smell a-mazing.

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    I told my friend that I don’t feel good when I enter my room, then my friend suggests to use a room spray or pillow spray. After reading this blog I clearly understand that a good room spray is very important. I ordered a Room Spray from your store, Hope it’s gonna be very good.
    Thank you

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    I have been using Pillow spray for a couple of months and am already loving it. My mood gets fresh and lovely. I was wondering if I should try the Room spray and after reading your article I’m convinced to try it for making my entire room environment pleasant.

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