Why Men Avoid Talking About Skincare

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Skincare is essential to daily care, yet women are far more likely than men to discuss their needs. How come guys are so reluctant to talk about taking care of themselves?
Skincare has long been associated with women, and it's not uncommon for men to shy away from discussions about it. There has been a growing trend of men embracing skincare in recent years, but many are still reluctant to talk about it. [[1]]
Why is that the case?
How Come Guys Avoid Talking About Skincare?
Part of the issue for men and skincare is that most products aren't geared toward them. The idea of putting something white and creamy with floral overtones on their faces is unusual and often bothersome.
That’s why a product like our scotch and whiskey handmade men’s soap is the perfect introduction to skincare for guys. It delivers a cleansing effect while staying gentle on the skin. It has overtones of bourbon and cedarwood, with a touch of cigar smoke.
Having great natural man soap products is only one step forward. Here are some of the other issues to consider.
1. Negative Social Conditioning
One of the primary reasons why men don't talk about skincare involves social conditioning. Society has always associated this need with women, and men who are into it are often stigmatized as effeminate or unmanly. [[2]]
This stigma can significantly deter men who want to care for their skin but don't want to be perceived as less masculine. This stigma is particularly prevalent in certain cultures and can be difficult to overcome.
2. Lack of Skincare Knowledge
Another reason why men don't talk about skincare is because they often need to gain knowledge about the subject. This issue can be complex, and many men need help figuring out where to start. They may feel embarrassed about their lack of knowledge and fear being judged if they ask for help.
This lack of knowledge can also lead to misconceptions about it, such as the belief that it is only for women - or unnecessary. [[3]]
3. Fear of Judgment
Men may fear being judged by others when discussing their skincare routine. They may worry that they'll be seen as vain or superficial, or that others will make fun of them.
Although times are changing, the idea of one guy giving handmade soap for men to another is still something that feels odd. Even when there’s a recognition of the need for natural skincare for dry skin, the average man feels like they need to tough things out. They see it as their duty to be uncomfortable or miserable. [[4]]
Having a fear of judgment can be powerful among men conditioned to believe that they should be stoic and unemotional.
4. Lack of Role Models
Men don't talk about skincare because few male role models openly embrace their daily routines. Most advertisements and beauty influencers are geared towards women, and men may struggle to find relatable role models to who they can reference.
The lack of representation can make it challenging for men to feel comfortable discussing their care routines with others. Even when there is someone who looks like them using all-natural soap for men, they're disinclined to believe the content because it goes against the grain of what they've come to know as reality. [[5]]
5. Significant Cultural Differences
Cultural differences can also explain why men talk about something other than skincare. In some communities, there may be a broad range of attitudes towards it and using artisan soap bars for a guy's daily routine.
In some cultures, men may be expected to have rougher skin, and taking care of one's appearance may be seen as a sign of vanity, making it challenging for men to discuss skincare openly without facing criticism.
How Can Men Get Started with a Skincare Routine?
As more men begin to embrace skincare, breaking down these barriers and encouraging open discussions about the topic are essential. Men should feel okay discussing their routines and seek advice from others without fear of judgment or stigma.
With more education and awareness, we can help to break down these barriers and promote healthy habits for all.
You can find your skincare products for men in my store. Have you purchased one of my items? Snap a quick photo of your new Nina’s Pure Bliss skincare routine and tag me! I’d love to see how my products are benefiting your life. (Social links below). Thank you for reading my article! Please leave your thoughts or comments in the section below.
Love Always, Nina...
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  • Daniel

    Glad to use natural skin care products with benefits. Being a men I appreciate your great effort & creation!

  • Adrise

    It’s great to see that the article provides practical tips for men to get started with a skincare routine. Simple steps like cleansing and moisturizing can go a long way in improving skin health and appearance.

  • Joy

    This is why so many men buy their Skincare products online, for fear of looks in a store. It’s great that there are so many more Skincare options available to men now though.

  • Mayra

    It’s unfortunate that men avoid talking about skincare, as taking care of one’s skin is an important aspect of overall health and wellbeing. By opening up and discussing skincare routines, men can learn from one another and find the products and practices that work best for them.

  • John D. Berg

    Being a man, there’s not any single reason to deny the fact that we men ignore the skincare routine and products due to baseless reasons and the fact is that there’s been a huge number of men who have started taking care of their skin and I got recommendations about your handcrafted soaps, will try now for better skin.

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