What Are the Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil?

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Jasmine essential oil often comes from the beautiful white blooms of the Jasminun officinale plant. It is found in most tropical climates today, but likely originated in Iran. Several species, including Jasminum sambac, are also available today.
Most people recognize jasmine’s unique scent when they are around it. People associate it with romance, relaxation, and peacefulness, but its essential oil brings desirable properties that provide additional benefits.
Here’s a closer look at why products with jasmine essential oil could be one of the best investments you make in yourself this year.
Aromatherapy Benefits from Jasmine
Jasmine essential oil can reduce depression-like feelings when used frequently. People experienced improved blood pressure, breathing, and alertness with regular use. It is particularly effective in lotions for daily care or during massages.  [1]
Our Sea Salt and Orchid hand-poured soy wax candle deliver beautiful jasmine notes while incorporating floral tones with a hint of the coast. It’s perfect for home-based aromatherapy needs, meditation, or general relaxation.


Jasmine is known to increase alertness and improve mood, both of which may increase your sex drive. In Hindu and Muslim traditions, jasmine is known as the "perfume of love." This scent is claimed to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs out there, with many varieties that mimic animalic musk.
Jasmine's romantic scent has long been believed to have an aphrodisiac effect. It's been worn as a fragrance, and in parts of India, jasmine flowers are often included as décor at weddings in the newlyweds' bedroom to set the mood for romance.
Antiseptic Qualities from Jasmine
Jasmine oil offers antiseptic effects that show powerful bacteria-fighting benefits, even with a single use. It slows or stops activities for several microorganisms, including strains of E. coli. This trait makes it potentially effective in preventing or treating infections when used in diluted quantities or included in soap products.
Our Wild Jasmine artisan bar soap fuses jasmine essential oil with saponified coconut, kaolin clay, and other ingredients to deliver this benefit to the comfort of your home. Each is handmade and packed in New York to ensure the highest quality.
Herbal natural soaps deliver a soothing, aromatic experience while encouraging more skin moisture retention. That makes it perfect for handmade gifts for boyfriends on anniversary dates, a spouse, or even yourself!
Anti-Inflammatory Properties from Jasmine
Jasmine essential oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This trait makes it useful for daily skin care needs as a natural soap for men, including treating conditions like psoriasis. [2]
When included with organic natural body butter, it may promote wound healing by helping the body start forming scar tissue or cleaning the areas of chronic wounds.
Our Jasmine Body Butter is a cost-effective way to create this potential benefit at home. Its lovely scent lingers, helping you feel happy and peaceful while helping to soften all skin types throughout the day.
Guys can even use it as an artisan shave soap replacement because of these qualities to avoid redness and irritation.
Calming Effects from Jasmine
Although jasmine essential oil can increase a person’s energy levels and general alertness, it can also provide a calming effect. When people drink jasmine tea, its odor at the lowest concentration levels has a sedative-like effect on a person’s nerves and moods. [3]
Our wholesale solid lotion bars featuring jasmine, lavender, and chamomile are an excellent resource to use when you want to wind down from a stressful day. It delivers the same scent exposure when rubbing the product between your palms. Then apply to your preferred areas for a lovely experience!
Handmade gifts with jasmine help everyone focus on artisan skincare processes that can lead to profound results. From the best soap for dry skin to body butters infused with essential oils, you can find something affordable that delivers incredible results!
Where to Find the Best Jasmine Products
At Nina’s Pure Bliss, we deliver a wide variety of natural soaps and butters to enhance your overall wellness. Our products complement your current self-care routine or help you establish a new one!
When you have jasmine oil products available to use daily, the potential benefits you can receive often appear with regular use. In return, you’ll have more chances to feel your best each day!
Find your products in my store. Have you bought one of my products? Snap a photo of your new Nina’s Pure Bliss skincare routine and tag me! I’d love to see how my products are benefiting your life. (Social links below).
Love Always, Nina ...

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    Its sweet, floral scent can help create a romantic atmosphere and increase feelings of intimacy and sensuality. Whether used alone or in combination with other essential oils.

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