How Men Can Start Talking About Skincare?

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Stigmas disappear when guys own the conversation about taking care of themselves, especially within their friend groups.
For many men, caring for the skin may not be a topic that readily comes to mind. After all, society has long promoted the idea that skincare is a female-oriented subject, with advertisements and commercials often targeting women exclusively.
It is fair to say that skincare is essential for everyone, regardless of gender. Men can benefit from having good habits, so starting a conversation about self-care can help guys improve their overall health and appearance.
Why is Skincare Important for Men?
Skincare is important for men for a variety of reasons. Men's skin is typically oilier and thicker than women's, meaning that guys are more prone to acne and other conditions.
Additionally, men often engage in more activities that can be harsh on the skin, such as shaving or spending time outdoors. As a result, they’re likely to experience skin damage and premature aging issues.
Positive habits can help men address these concerns and improve the overall health of their skin. Regular exfoliating helps prevent clogged pores and reduce the risk of acne breakouts, while moisturizing regularly can help reduce dryness and protect against environmental damage. [[1]]
How to Start the Conversation About Skincare
For many men, starting a conversation about skincare can be challenging. After all, it's not a topic that is often discussed among men, and there may be a fear of being perceived as "feminine" or "vain."
There are a few ways to start the conversation and make it more approachable rather than just offering handmade men’s soap as a gift.
Frame Men’s Skincare as a Health Issue
One way to approach the subject of skincare is to frame it as a health issue. Emphasize the importance of protecting the skin from environmental damage and preventing cancer. You could say, "Did you know that men are more likely to experience sun-related health issues than women? It's important to protect our skin from the sun's harmful UV rays." [[2]]
Highlight the Benefits of Good Skincare for Men
Another approach is to highlight the benefits of good skincare. Talk about how it can help prevent premature aging and keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant. You could throw something like this statement out there: "I've been using a moisturizer regularly, and I've noticed that my skin looks and feels much better." [[3]]
Teach Guys the Basics of Skincare
Men who are new to skincare should start with the basics. This includes a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. These three products will form the foundation of a good routine and can help prevent various skin issues.
Our classic charcoal and tea tree face and body artisan soap bar is an excellent cleanser. It delivers a clean and fresh feeling while removing dirt from clogged pores without stripping vitamins away from the skin.
Follow up with the Kentucky bourbon all-natural moisturizer lotion bar for eczema and dry skin. The combination of shea butter and solid beeswax feels like heaven on rough areas.
Then protect the lips with a moisturizing butter with essential oils and other ingredients for incredible results. When you can find the best natural soap for men that guys love to use, it becomes much easier to follow the basics.
Share Your Own Skincare Experiences
Sharing your experiences with skincare can also help start the conversation. Talk about what products you use and why you use them. Share any success stories you've had with improving your skin's health. You could say, "I used to have a lot of acne, but since I started exfoliating regularly, my skin has cleared up a lot." [[4]]
Use Humor to Reduce Negative Stigmas
Humor can also be an effective way to make the conversation more approachable. Lightly poke fun at yourself for being a "skincare guy" or joke about how you're secretly a beauty influencer. You could mention, "I know this sounds strange, but I swear by my moisturizer. Maybe I should start an Instagram account and become an influencer!" [[5]]
Are You Ready to Explore More Skincare Options?
A new care routine starts when the decision is made to manage skin issues proactively. Once you know what needs to change, you can stock your home with the necessary products to achieve results.
It only takes a couple of weeks to establish a new skincare routine. In return, guys will have less discomfort and itching to manage throughout the day.
Guys can find their skincare products in my store. Have you purchased one of my items? Snap a photo of your new Nina’s Pure Bliss skincare routine and tag me! I’d love to see how my products are benefiting your life. (Social links below). Thank you for reading my article! Please leave your thoughts or comments in the section below.
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  • Mayra

    Started with a basic skincare routine. Now I am ready to explore more skincare options. very impressive communication!

  • James Broad

    By incorporating Nina’s Pure Joy products into their routine, men can not only take care of their skin but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical beauty industry. Overall, this article provides a helpful starting point for men who want to learn more about skincare and how they can make it a part of their daily routine.

  • Vki

    I found this article to be very helpful and informative for men who are new to skincare. But I would love to suggest a topic to make an article specifically on [ Building a Simple Routine That Works for Men ]

  • Vki

    I found this article to be very helpful and informative for men who are new to skincare. But I would love to suggest a topic to make an article specifically on [ Building a Simple Routine That Works for Men ]

  • Nikki

    I think women respect men a lot who take care of themselves. Your skin is your largest organ right? That’s what people see, so it should be the thing they take care of most.

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