Being Grateful

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Starting a small business is never an easy thing. I am thankful to my friend, relatives, and neighbors for their support. Within the time I started getting more and more compliments about my product, and people are offering to post about my products on their social media. And I want these people to be satisfied when they do so.
This week I`ve read a lot about affiliated markets, passive income, do not put all eggs in one basket etc. Well, I was applying it for myself, but yesterday I`ve been offered four times by different people to promote my product on their social media.
And here we go by the end of the day I had all essentials lined up to benefit my friends and people just like my product.
I`ve simply researched my Shopify, and watched a bunch of videos of how people can earn commissions by recommending my brand.
So Guys, now I have opened up a new MENU for AFFILIATES on my web. Just look up this page and you'll see it.  Basically in a couple of clicks, you can become my PARTNER!
This portal will generate the link for you and every time you recommend my product on your social media, or verbally to people you know you can attach the link will be generated for you, send it to your friends, family or attach it when you do your IG stories with my product review or even send this link over Tet message!
And here we go every time the person will buy my product based on your recommendations - YOU`LL GET PAID!
Isn`t it amazing?
I love it!
I have reviewed several similar brands and I DID NOT FIND anyone who offers this option, literally no one!
Researching other businesses i have found that the majority offers around 8%!
I offer 10%!
Do you need to work hard on this, well if you`d like of course, but if you like the product why not to earn income by recommending it?
And I honestly believe that do a good job, my product is easy to recommend: it's all-natural, made with high-quality organic ingredients, and sustainable, with no fine prints, and with a bunch of chemicals. The product sells itself, especially when you try, it is hard to go back to other brands.
So dear Friends, Family, Influencers, and Customers I welcome you to become my PARTNERS, I have figured out the way to BE GRATEFUL!
Find your products in my store. Have you bought one of my products? Snap a photo of your new Nina’s Pure Bliss skincare routine and tag me! I’d love to see how my products are benefiting your life. (Social links below).
Love Always, Nina ...


  • Devshree

    There is one thing about setting up your own business,but there is another thing where you put your 110 percent ,hardwork ,effort!! I am grateful that i could come accross your business!! It’s really really rousing !!

  • MAyra

    Being grateful is a powerful practice that can positively impact our mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Eliza

    I think affiliate marketing is a great way to get and provide benefits. Appreciation for sharing this information!

  • Malayka

    Thank you for sharing this article! It’s a great reminder to focus on the things we have in our lives and express gratitude for them. I especially appreciated the suggestion to keep a gratitude journal.

  • Joy

    Affiliate marketing does seem to be a good way to get your name out there, and everyone wins! Very cool program!

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